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Most pages are written in Swedish, but you are probably anxious to learn what is available for the Scandinavian
public, ie Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and a translation of the main chapters is presented below.
There are several pages of information in English and also some very good photo collections

What is GeoNord. Rules and regulations, services and copyright. All in Swedish
The latest updates can be found here. All in Swedish. Search the website.
The mineral legislation presented in an easy to understand way. What's in up in Sweden.
Code of Ethics in Swedish. The Right of Public Access in Sweden.
The mineral Hunt in Northern Sweden 1995-2000. All in Swedish.
Periodic table with mineral data and some photos. Under construction.
International Mineralogical Association. IMA approved minerals. Translated into Swedish.
International Mineralogical Association (IMA) corrections and spelling. All in Swedish.
A number of papers published by Docent Göran Kjellström. All in Swedish.
A number of papers published by Docent Göran Kjellström. All in Swedish.
Why collect minerals? Dicitionary of Geological Terms with more than 400picts. All in Swedish. Links.
New mineral discoveries in Sweden.
Gemstones and gem cutting. Photo collections and links. Swedish and English.
A collection of Swedish Fossil Photos. And links. Primary in Swedish.
Fluorescent Minerals. A report on Fluorescent Swedish Minerals with a few photos.
A large Photo Archieve of Minerals from around the world. Today over 350 photos/ picts.
Reports from Mineral Event in 2000-2022.
Provincial Roks and Birthstones. All in Swedish.
Mineral clubs at GeoNord.
Göteborgs Geologiska Förening.
Jämtlands Läns Amatörgeologiska Sällskap.
Västerbottens Amatörgeologer.
Västerås Amatörgeologiska Sällskap.
Sundsvalls Geologiska Sällskap.
Mineral Societies in Scandinavia and the rest of the World.
You want to sell something?
Free advertising by GeoNord for Geologiskt Forum, Stein, Geologins dag, Finlands bergrund, etc.
Mineral localities in Sweden. Alla are in Swedish. There is one page showing in English how the information is presented.
A collection of pictures of some Swedish mines and quarries.
Mineral Tourism. Visiting Mines where you can collect minerals for a fee. Under construction.
Mineral Museums in the Nordic countries. Swedish and English pages.
Scandinavian Mineral Shows and around the World. In English.
Mailing lists on the Internet. In Swedish and English.
Do you want to trade Minerals? Get some new friends. Free advertisement page.
A selection of Books for the beginner and the professional. Most of the books are in English.
A selection of periodical for the amateur and the professional. In English.
Computer Programs for your Mineral Collection. In Swedish but you can use the links.
Mineral Data Bases on the Internet. Have a go.
Are you looking for books? Some links to bookstores around the world.
World Wide Link Collection. The Nordic Countries and the rest of the World.
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