Code of honor

The members of the SACMF are committed
to avoiding any damaging of alpine pastures,
woods and beauties of nature.

Code of Honour for crystal-searchers, mineral and fossil collectors, sellers and dealers

The code of honour establishes guidelines of comportment regarding nature and mankind. It obliges responsible crystal-searching, collecting and dealing and aims against pillaging, destruction, lucre and theft from established claims. In pursuing these ideals the Swiss Association of Crystal-searchers and Collectors of Minerals and Fossils decrees as follows:

1 Whoever searches for minerals, crystals or fossils, is obliged to comply with the local legal decrees and regulations. Property, nature and environment are to be respected.
2 Any damaging of cultured land, woods, roads and paths is in any case to be avoided. It is mandatory to tidy up an exploited claim and to leave it behind in proper order.
3 The use of explosives, mechanical and heavy equipment (e.g. drilling hammers etc.) is not allowed without a permit issued by the local authorities nor on sun- or other high days. Also on working days noise emissions are to be kept as low as possible.
4 The staking of a claim for further exploitation is done by depositing a tool and by affixing a weather hardy sign with name, address and date of reclamation.
The rights of the finder of the claim expire after two years, if the claim is not being exploited or has been obviously abandoned.
One person may only stake a maximum of three claims in the same site area.
5 The removal or extraction of minerals, tools or markings from an occupied claim is inadmissible and is qualified as theft.
6 Important or scientifically interesting findings and sites should be reported to a scientist, a scientific institution or to the competent authorities for further scientific research.
7 In the first place the collector and amateur of minerals should only search for minerals and exploit claims for his own collection and for exchanging purposes.
8 Minerals, crystals and fossils are only then of real value for science or for the collector, if full particulars of the site are available.
Anyone who sells, trades or exchanges minerals, fossils etc. is required to give all particulars of the respective site to the recipient voluntarily as well as to declare repaired or modified goods as such.
9 Anyone who commercially deals or supplies bourses with minerals and fossils or commercially exploits his findings otherwise is subject to the current laws. The principles of trust and faith as well as the common customs of trading minerals and fossils apply.
10 If infringements of the code of honour by single or section members of the SACMF occur, its competent organs can take appropriate measures against the culprits. The catalogue of measures contains all possible sanctions, e.g. from the simple reprimand, to the restitution of caused damages up to the exclusion from the section and the SACMF.

The observation of the articles above is a matter of honour and obligation for every true amateur of minerals.

The code of honour is a part of the statutes of the Swiss Association of Crystal-searchers and Collectors of Minerals and Fossils (SACMF). It has been approved by the ordinary general assembly and put into force on September 25, 1982 in Chur, it replaces the "guidelines and recommendations" of October 3, 1970.

The central president
Hermann Ogi
The central secretary
Paul Hottinger

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